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Shopping Vendors

The marketplace includes a wide variety of arts and crafts items such as clothing, jewelry, pottery, functional and decorative wares.


Crimson Chain Leatherworks

Handcrafted leather items

Wolf’s Moon Apothecary

Apothecary items and accessories

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Venture Out Resorts

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Pirates Treasure

Swords, knives, daggers, shields, throwing stars, axes, maces, Pop Culture weapons, video games and movie weapons

Melting Dragon Candles

Various candles, lanterns, fans, parasols, canes, magic wands of various styles, and make your own candles

Manes Managed

Hairbraiding and associated accessories

Lost Viking’s Hoard

Furs, wooden mugs, tapestries

The Facepainter’s Cottage


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Danny Boy Pipes

Handcrafted pipes and accessories

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Corsets by Costa Diva

Corsets and accessories

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Champion Home Exteriors

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Bath Fitter

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Ohio Valley Herbal Products

Handmade herbal body products made with hand picked wild herbs.

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New World Mugs & Woods

Wooden drinking wares, kitchenware, pipes, puzzle boxes, home décor, and jewelry boxes

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Cloaked in Shadows

Cloaks, capes, pouches with Celtic themes

Authentic Wardrobe

Mens and Womens Clothing

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Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers

All manner or handmade beeswax crafts – soaps, lotions, lip butters, candles, balms, salves. Handmade brooms, incense, fragrance oils

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Wizard Wyrks Wands

Handcrafted wands in various sizes, styles, colors, wand holsters in black, brown, and other colors

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The Wired Viking

Viking Wire Knit bracelets, necklaces, earrings, semi-precious stone pendants, crocheted beaded earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants

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Sub Rosa Tea

Pre-packaged loose-leaf tea and accessories

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Storm Watch Jewelry

Sterling silver and 10kt, 14kt gold Celtic themed jewelry

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Standing Stone Pottery

Mugs, cups, bowls, goblets

Stillwater Chainmaille

Chainmaille jewelry and clothing

Sky Chairs

Hanging canvas chairs

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Silver Sword & Stone

Renaissance, Medieval, Celtic and Fantasy themed items

The Sage Woman

Tarot card readings

A Roguish Highlander

Kilts, accoutrements, shirts, cloaks, t-shirts, mugs, kilt hose, ghillies, showls, sashes, caps, pins, belts, sporrans

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Phoenix Fire Jewelry

Copper, bronze, mixed media leather jewelry and accessories

King of the Crown

Celtic themed jewelry

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Just Mine

Handwoven Viking knit necklaces and bracelets, leather wraps. Hand designed Greek leather mens and womens bracelets.

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Johnson’s Wood of the Morning

Staves, canes, clubs, carvings, wands

Henna Tattoo Art

Henna tattoo art

Henna Harem

Mehndi Henna Body Art, bindis and other Middle Eastern and henna associated items

Greentree Weaving

Handwoven clothing in cotton, wool, silk

Pennanular brooches in bronze, silver, iron

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Fireball Designs

Celtic airbrush tattoos, hats, flasks, original t-shirts

Dragon’s Head Forge

Handmade iron work and blacksmithing demonstrations

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Dragon Fire Design Studio

Laser engravings and Morgana’s Magickal Rings

Delight’s Fantasy Art

Fantasy art

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D & U Leather Mugs

Leather mugs and accessories

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Costco Wholesale

Learn all about Costco Wholesale and membership benefits.

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Coppersmith Studios

Handmade copper fountains, home and garden decor

The Compleat Knight

Brightly decorated children’s wooden swords, daggers, shields, pole arms, bows, crossbows, quilts, and garlands

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Classic Irish Imports

Celtic, Irish and Scottish t-shirts, hoodies, kid clothes, and small items

Celtic Marketplace

Embroidered bags, wraps, tapestry cloaks, sarongs, suncatchers, garlands

The Celtic Cottage

Crocheted fairy dresses, mermaid tails, hand warmers, pouches, children’s dolls and various accessories.

Woodburned candle holders, magic wands, tables, stools, paddles, plaques and various décor.

The Can Man

Homemade jams and jellies

Brown Cow Art

Custom leatherworks.

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Brazin’ Lady Torchworks

Blooms & Shrooms

Ceramic garden art

Ye Olde World Trendz

Women’s apparel, Bohemian clothing, cloaks, Turkish purses, wall tapestries, inspirational banners with Celtic designs, jewelry, spiritual and inspirational gifts

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Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers

All manner or handmade beeswax crafts including but not limited to soaps, lotions, lip butters, candles, balms, salves, with handmade brooms, incense, fragrance oils, and other crafts

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White Pavilion

Clothing and accessories for mean, women and children including headwear, outerware and leather goods

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Scottish Store Online

Kilts, utility kilts, Clan polos, Clan Crest items, Highland outfitting, Scottish and Irish souvenirs and accessories, bagpipes and accessories, band uniforms, dancer and drummer supplies, shoes, reeds, Scottish food and confections, Scottish and Irish Celtic shirts, Tartan plaids, shawls, scarves and serapes, brooches

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The Ramp Hatchery

Handmade, original design wooden animal puzzles

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The Potters Haus

Woven, knit and handspun fiber art wares, baskets and fans, pottery


Austrian crystal necklace sets, cameos, fine English pewter jewelry, metal purses, stone belts, fairy stones

Mischief Masks

Leather masks, leather ears, horns, headpieces, jewelry, clay horns, metal jewelry

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Minotaurs Labyrinth of Leather

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Lilla Rose

Hair accessories

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Le Loup Garou Alchemy

Make your own absinthe kits, decorative dragon, basilisk and Phoenix eggs

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Ladysmith Jewelry

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Irish Imports International

Irish themed clothing and gifts

Irish Collection

Heritage Irish gifts, Coat of Arms t-shirts

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Honorable Company of Metalsmiths

Puzzle rings, fine jewelry, nautical instruments, talismans

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Historical Research Center

Highland Kilt Company

Kilts and accessories, Celtic wear, t-shirts, Tartan wear

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Higher Ground

Sterling silver jewelry, organic body jewelry, hand beaded necklaces, stainless steel jewelry, wall hangings, natural stone jewelry, gems and minerals, oils and incense resins

Green Mantle Studio

Ceramic sculpture and pottery with a Celtic design

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The Gilded Lily

Hats, parasols, gans, butterfly bird clips, watches, hat pins, hair roses, hair snoods, handkerchiefs, trinket boxes, funnels, flasks, wax seals, sealing wax, glass pens, handmade paper, scrolls, comb/mirror sets, compacts, Chains of Office, girdle belts, goblet covers.

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Father Son and Friends

Celtic home accessories, bows & arrows, knives, swords

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Fellowship Foundry

Hand made lead-free pewter cups, steins, goblets, pewter-stemmed glasses, small sculptures, necklaces, switch-plate covers

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Faces by Lisa

Facepainting and airbrush tattoos.

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Ear Art

Earrings, cuffs, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair adornments, headdresses, and chokers.

Damsel in this Dress

Handmade corsets, skirts, blouses, vests, coats, jackets, and corset accessories.

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Creations Under Sun & Moon

Celtic Leatherworks & Uncommon Adornments

Celtic Leatherworks: Leather goods – sporrans, pouches, cluffs, bracelets, flask covers, barrettes, belts, bracers

Uncommon Adornments: silver and gold earrings, necklaces, Celtic and mythical designs with semi-precious stones

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The Celtic Corner

Kilts, kilt accessories, kilt outfitting, gifts, jewelry, and novelties.

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Captured Curls

Hair accessories, including hair sticks, barrettes, clips, crowns and tiaras

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Bridgit’s Bath

Bath soaps, gizzies, oils, lip balms, bath brushes, shaving soaps and brushes, and bath salts.

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Blue Flame Trading Post

Hats, hat pins, cloak brooches, belt pouches, bracers, shoes, boxes, pictorial elather, shield bucklers, baskets, leather armor, flasks, embroidered bags, purses, small leather goods.


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Get tickets now for our upcoming show from 06/14/2019 to 06/16/2019

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