Blooms + Shrooms

Handmade ceramic garden items and holiday decor

Brown Cow Art

Leather Items, Shoes, Bags & Hats

Classic Irish Imports

Crimson Chain Leatherworks

The Crow’s Court

Leather and Jewelry Products

D&U Leather Mugs

Leather Mugs & Accessories

Damsel in this Dress

Darcy Farrow Design

Art Prints, Enamel Pins, Jewelry

Dark Hammer Chainmail

Chainmail Jewelry and Accessories

Dayton’s Celtic Connection

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Dragon’s Head Forge

Ear Art

Earthsong Instruments

Musical instruments and accessories

Enchanted Suprise

The Fairy Godmother Clothing Co.

Father, Son and Friends – Roadstore

A Medieval shoppe with a Celtic flair

Fellowship Foundry Pewter

Fiona’s Fineries


Fireball Designs

Celtic-themed airbrush tattoos, clothing, bags, art, etc.

Flutter-Bye Boutique

Gypsys Mystical Caravan Something Different

Harp and Hound Jewelry

Higher Ground Amulet Market

Historical Research Center

Family name histories, coat-of-arms, crests, etc.

Idle Hands Designs

Irish Imports International

Irish Themed Items

La Wren’s Nest

Swords, daggers, Celtic & Norse Jewelry & accessories

Les Polinko Studio

Original Fantasy Sculpture by LES Polinko

Make It Yours & More

Modern Viking Beard Co.

Beard old, balm, shampoo, soaps, etc.

Phoenix Fire

Red Hot Jewelry Designs

Renewal’s by Anderson

The Royal Garland

Handmade Floral Headpieces

Kilts, bagpipes, highland wares, and accessories

The Silver Dragon

Storm Watch Jewelry

Swendsen Wood Shoppe/Yecart Pottery

Tangled Eart Arts

Handmade Jewelry

Tanner’s Leatherworks

The Wandering Muse

Original Charcoal Drawings & prints produced from them

Wax Chandlers

Wyld Runes

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